Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear Alice,
Remember how I made this for you?
Looks like this is as close as you're going to get to wearing it:
Because you're late.
That's okay though.
You're already teaching me to be more patient.
I know you'll arrive at the perfect time.
Until then, I'll continue to wait.

Here's what I did today to keep busy:
I worked in the backyard for almost 4 hours today...raking, picking up poo, pulling weeds, etc.
The garden is tilled and ready to be planted.
I'm looking forward to tending the garden with you.

I also made some bread!
Your Aunt Chrissy gave me the recipe.


Your Daddy and I took a walk tonight.
You should really try to come out soon because the weather is beautiful.
The outside world is better than being all crammed inside of me.
Trust me.

Your Mommy


kendra said...

Thinking of you lots these days. That onesie is so adorable. She'll have to still wear it whenever she decides to come out.

Nicole said...

awww. she'll come soon!!!

MrsA.Woods said...

I'm really hoping since you haven't posted in the last few days that little Alice has made her debut! My fingers are crossed for you!