Friday, March 12, 2010

I tried.

Here's what I've done within the last few days...from Project Evacuation.

3. Mac and Cheese.
Ben made it and I ate it.

He even measured the water needed to boil the pasta:

Didn't walk away from the stove even once.
He literally watched the water come to a boil. :)

It was actually pretty good with the worcestershire sauce in it. I was surprised!

4. Spicy food. 
I had spicy Thai curry today for lunch.

5. Exercise.
Despite the countless "oh my" looks from fellow gym patrons, I took a circuit class this morning.
The women in my class kept an eye on me.
I think they were expecting my water to break at any moment.

7. Be unprepared. 
Ben desperately needs a haircut.
I'm going to do it in the morning.

8. Raspberry leaf tea.
Still drinking it.

9. Massage/Acupressure.
I had a massage/acupressure appointment yesterday afternoon.

The therapist says that it puts most women who are as pregnant as me into labor within 24-48 hours.
We'll see!

11. Eat pineapple.
I ate it.

12. Eggplant Parmesan.
Had it for dinner last night.

16. Bounce on an exercise ball. 
Didn't even pop it!!

And adding to the list:

21. Eat basil.
Dr. Davis, my chiropractor, suggested eating basil to get the ball rolling.
Ate it.

22. Chocolate fondue and wine with the sisters-in-law. 
Ben's sister went into labor after the 3 of us went to the Mona Lisa.
We thought it was worth a try. :)

There you go.
Although none of the old wives tales have worked (yet), 
I'm staying pretty busy checking them off the list!
She can't stay in there forever, right??

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Chrissy said...

She will be here soon...
She is just preparing you for the rest of your life of perpetual patience!