Friday, March 12, 2010


Here I am.
40 weeks pregnant.
(41 if I go by the standard due date calculator.)
I'm very large.
Very uncomfortable.
Very ready to meet our daughter.
I've been up since 2:30.
Can't sleep.
So, I'll write.

I'm trying really hard not to complain these days.
I could easily start whining and moaning about being in this stage of pregnancy.
But, I won't.
I'll choose to be thankful.
Because I am.

Yesterday I was reminded of how great the last (almost) 10 months have been.
No morning sickness.
No crazy food cravings.
No stretch marks.
No hemorrhoids.
No swelling.
No fatigue.
No heartburn.
No extreme moodiness.
No spider or varicose veins.
Minimal back pains.

Really, this has been an easy pregnancy.
I am blessed.
Blessed to not only be spared from most of the pregnancy symptoms/side effects, but more important, blessed that the Lord chose me to be Alice's mommy.

And, the thing is, I have friends who would gladly take on that whole list and more to get to be a mom.
My heart breaks for them.
It doesn't seem fair.
It's not fair.
It's not fair how many babies are born to people who don't want them when there are so many women who desperately do.
I'm pretty sure I won't ever understand that.

But, I trust that God is in control.
He loves us.
He has a plan.

I am thankful.


Carey said...

And now I am crying....Love you Melissa ;)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

with u on this. praising God for your healthy, happy pregnancy.
love always,

MrsA.Woods said...

I've heard being restless is a good sign... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

BoyDena Smiley said...

amen sister... if you need some tasks, throw one of those home made onises our way! just saying;)