Thursday, April 8, 2010


For Alice, it was another day of firsts.
I guess that's pretty typical when you're only 8 days old.

- First time at church.
She did great!
I was a little on edge though.
Worship was loud, so I couldn't have heard her if she cried.
And, the lights are turned down so low that I couldn't see her.
(We've gone to that church for almost 2 years and I had never thought about that until now.)
She snoozed the entire time! Yay!
I ordered some little noise canceling headphones for next time.
I'm a little sensitive about babies being in very loud environments.

- First Easter!
Is it terrible that we didn't make an Easter basket for her?
What would we have filled it with when all she really wants is milk, a clean diaper, a nap, and cuddles?
She wore her Aunt Emily's little dress from when she was a baby. SO cute!
I subjected Alice to an Easter photo shoot, complete with bunny ears.
It was mandatory.

-First k-group gathering.
We got together and ate a wonderful meal.
Then, Ben and I put together an Easter egg hunt for our friends.
Afterward, we gathered together to take a group picture...minus me since I was taking the picture.

Then, Alice received her first bonk.
Kevin lost his balance and reached out to steady himself, making contact with Alice in the process.
She was startled, but was totally I kept taking pictures. :)

I love the looks on everyone's faces!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!
He is risen!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I'm just going to start every comment that I leave now with "she's beautiful" because it's the first thing I think when I see pictures of her. Second, who does she get all that dark hair from?? I thought both of you were blondies as babies...
Anyway, we love you guys and are so happy to see all of you doing well.