Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things I Love About Today:

1. Alice's hair.
I washed it this morning and this is what happened.
It's out of control and I love it.
A nice mom probably would've re-wet it and try to tame it a little.
Not me.
I just laughed at it's unruliness and put a headband on it.

2. We have growth!
I can't wait to have a garden again this year!

3. Alice's outfit.
It kinda looks like a rainbow threw up on her.
I wear black almost everyday.
My maternity clothes being too big and my regular clothes too small.
I wear black to try to hide.
Alice wears enough color for the both of us. :)

4. Cloth diaper success!
Today is her 3rd day in them.
We're figuring it out.
Today we tried prefolds.
They're a little trickier, but I'm hoping it helps cut down on the frequency of laundering.

5. On a related note:
My friend, Stefanie, got this magnet for me.
Makes me smile everyday.
I love it.

6. Baby Smart Wool socks.
These little treasures were in a bag of hand-me-downs.
They're one of the few pairs that actually stay on her feet.
So cute!

7. This pacifier:
My Granny calls it a "fooler".
You have to say it with a strong Southern accent to get the full effect.

I tried all of the small, clear, unobtrusive foolers I could find.
She hated them.
Out of desperation I purchased this monstrosity.
It's enormous and blue.
I can't say she loves it, but she tolerates it long enough to fall asleep.

8. These eyes:
She's now 3 weeks, 2 days old.
I can't believe it's only been 3 weeks.
It feels like forever ago when we saw those sweet eyes for the first time.
Life is good.
Very, very good.
We are so blessed!


Scottish Twins said...

She is beautiful. You are truly blessed!

Amanda said...

Soothies are the only pacifiers my kids ever liked! They're not pretty but they sure seem to get the job done :)

Chrissy said...

That is SO sweet!
I love the leg warmers!
Her Aunt Chrissy is making her bows.
But her Aunt Chrissy tends to take for flipping ever to put stuff in the mail. Hopefully before she is too cool for bows...they will be there!

Danielle said...

she is beautiful, Melissa! what an incredible season of life you are in right now. oh, and Asher still uses the newborn Soothie as his paci of choice...and he's 2.:) weaning him off of it is gonna be a big issue!

BoyDena Smiley said...

so glad cloth is working for you... maybe we should try a soothe b/c O is not liking the pretty clear one either and she is already 9 weeks... crazy! XO

katie said...

love her outfit, that is great and her hair....she is a girl after my own heart :)

Mandy said...

i LOVE those babylegs. both aves and ash have them :)