Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upsetting the Baby

The noise-canceling headphones for Alice arrived today.
Now her little ears will be protected in loud environments...like church, concerts, fireworks, ...and maybe k-group girls nights. :)

She knows I'm up to something.

She's thinking, "What are you doing to me???"

I'm pretty sure she doesn't like them.

It's official.
She hates them.

I'll try again another day. :)


Stefanie said...

you know what that face of Alice's reminds me of?

"NOOOO! Isaac is Charlie's baby! He's not your baby!!!"

Danielle said...

haha! i LOVE that you bought those for her and i LOVE that she hates them so much. oh, and the picture documentation is awesome. She is adorable!

Blomgren2 said...

That's so awesome! I got Norah's yesterday and I took pictures too :) So sweet these girls!

katie said...

ha ha this progression of pictures of alice made me laugh out loud.

So cute!

Chrissy said...

Paul saved the second picture as his screen saver on his phone...
it's his first niece!

Dawn Rainbowstar said...

These pictures gave me the giggle I needed today. I'm so happy for you. You must be loving every minute of being a mommy to this precious little pumpkin!