Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 months old

Dear Alice,
You are now 2 months old.
I can hardly believe how much you've changed in 2 short months!

You've been sleeping through the night for a couple weeks now, usually 8-10 hours.
Thank you!!

You also give us big smiles all the time.
The smiles start in your sweet eyes and then your cute little lips join in.

You love sitting propped up and being held upright.
You're very interested in the what's going on around you.

You also love when we sing to you.
Your Daddy makes up the best songs to entertain you...and me. :)

We left you with your first "babysitters" (Nana and Grandpa) yesterday.
They said you did great!
We had a fun date, but we missed you a whole lot.

You are our precious gift, Alice Claire.
We thank our Lord for giving you to us.
Just when we thought our lives couldn't get any better, you joined our little family.
We are blessed beyond measure!

Your Mommy


Sarah said...

She is so precious! I love her little smile. Awesome "a" shirt, too! Now I want one with an "i"!

Carey said...

She is so precious!