Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Granny face

My sister, Chrissy, said Alice is making a "Granny face" in the look-alike post.

Here's the picture she was referring to:

And the Granny she was referring to:

Well lookie there!
Chrissy was right!

PS- Granny reads my blog. (Hi, Granny!)
She leaves the BEST voicemails on my phone.
I must admit there have been times that I've purposely not answered the phone so I can listen to her message over and over again.
A couple weeks ago she left one where she sang a song to Alice...Alice Blue Gown, I believe.
Later, when I talked to her, she said she couldn't remember all the words so she looked it up on "that YouTube".
My Granny is hip and cool.
Now she just needs an iPad. :)


melissa said...

The faces are hilariously similar! Love it,

Chrissy said...

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha!! PERFECT!! I knew I recognized that mouth...