Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Alice will be 2 months old in 2 days.
It's going by WAY too fast.
I want to push pause.

We did a little impromptu photo shoot yesterday.
She's smiling all the time now.
Melts my heart!
I think this is how she really feels about my paparazzi ways:


MrsA.Woods said...

Ahaha! I love the last one. She's got the sweetest, most innocent little eyes. :)

I agree - time is melting away. All I want to do everyday is soak up what infancy she's got left. I must admit though, every day that passes is my new "favorite" day. They're developing so much, it's amazing!

Emily & Amelia said...

Melissa - Alice is just beautiful!!!! What a doll! The last one is hysterical!!!!!