Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Tidbits

1. I love Saturday mornings. Here's why:

2. I ran across this in my photo library. It was only funny to me because I was in labor. Otherwise, it would've made me angry. How dare an iPhone app scream at me to REQUEST INDUCTION OF LABOR! Alice was born early the following morning.

3. Ben got me this necklace for Mother's Day. It arrived yesterday. I love it!

4. We hung the hammock yesterday. I love you, Spring!

5. Alice had her first bottle this week. (Yes, this is worth documenting.) This means I can now leave her and know she will be happy and fed. I had a pep talk with her assuring her it's the same milk she always has. She took it like a champ! She'll have another bottle tomorrow night when I leave her alone with Ben for the first time. (Yes, she's almost 8 weeks old and haven't left her yet. Cut me some slack. She's my first.)

6. We got a "new" couch! We had 2 love seats before. It always felt crowded when we had friends over. No longer! Yay!

7. I tried to get a picture of Alice's blue eyes. They're getting her Daddy's. I love it!

8. Alice is always super smiley in the mornings. It's so fun.

9. Alice slept from 10:15pm until 6:45am when I woke her up. She's consistently sleeping 6-8 hours each night. It's freakin' fantastic!

That's all for now.

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katie said...

I love the new couch! and all the random tidbits :)and the pic of alice smiling!