Saturday, May 22, 2010


I like lists.
They motivate me.
I have even added things to a to-do list that I've already done just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

So, here's my newest list.

Things to do this summer-

1. Make a homemade mojito

2. Go to the driving range

3. Have a Slush Puppie

4. Go to a garage sale

5. Get a treat from the ice cream truck

6. Go to the farmer's market

7. Turn 31

8. Go to the drive-in

9. Watch a sunset

10. Run the Jack Quinns on a Tuesday night

11. Take a nap in the hammock

12. Play croquet

13. Roast marshmallows

14. Make a banana split

15. Make fresh salsa using the tomatoes and cilantro from the garden

16. Have a water gun fight

17. Learn more about my camera

18. Take Alice on her first camping trip

19. Have a picnic

20. Plant flowers

21. Recreate this picture:
(I think it screams, "IT'S SUMMER!")

I'll likely add to this list as the weeks go by.
They might even be things we've already done.
My blog, my rules. :)

Ready, set, go!

1 comment:

Blomgren2 said...

I love your list and I love the way you think! My blog, my rules :)