Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 months old!

Dear Alice,
You are now 3 months old.
A quarter of a year!
While we're glad you're healthy and growing, we can't help but wish you'd stay this age for awhile longer.

Alice Claire, you have stolen our hearts.
We love the way your eyes light up when you look at us.
Your smiles start in your eyes and then creep to your lips.
When you're really happy, your whole body joins in...shoulders, arms, legs...
It's really, really sweet.

Here's what you're up to these days:
-You're still sleeping through the night.
Thank you!!

-You have discovered your hands, often spitting out your pacifier to suck on your fingers instead.
Don't do it, Alice.
Braces are no fun.
You've got to trust me here.

-Recently, you have started to reach for things you see.
I have a feeling my hair and earrings will soon be in danger.

-You also discovered your feet the other day.
You grabbed a hold of your foot with a look that said, "What is THIS!?"

-You try to roll from your belly to your back, but get stuck on your side.
The cloth diaper creates a speed bump you can't quite get past just yet.

-I packed up some of your newborn clothes.
They no longer fit.
Must have shrunk in the dryer.

-You're now sleeping in your crib!
I tried to transition you to your crib a few weeks ago.
One of us wasn't ready.
One of us cried hysterically.
It wasn't you.

-You're really an easy baby.
Whenever I hear the phrase, "God only gives you what you can handle.", I think He must have pretty low expectations for me with all this mom stuff.
Sometimes I think that maybe God gave me an easy baby first so that you'll have a brother or sister someday.
I'd have a hundred babies if they would all be like you.

We love you, baby girl!
You are our precious gift.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"What do you do?"

I hate answering that question.
I fear that "Stay-at-home-mom" translates to "eat bon-bons and watch soap operas".

I love my job.
I love that I'm getting to watch my daughter experience all of her "firsts".
I love that I get to love on my husband by creating an environment he can't wait to come home to at the end of the day.
We are so blessed by Ben's job which allows me to stay home with Alice.

But, honestly, teaching full-time was easier than what I do now.

So, here's a little snippet of what I do each day:
-tend the baby (nursing, changing diapers, entertaining, etc.)
-tend the house (dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, putting stuff away, mopping, cleaning the toilet, changing sheets, etc.)
-tend the garden and flowers
-tend the cloth diapers (wash, dry, stuff)
-purchase and prepare food, including lunches for Ben

Then, I also take care of the other things that need to happen for our family and our home.
For example, here's what I did from Wednesday to Friday:
-Unpacked my suitcase
-Costco trip
-Mailed health insurance forms
-Called 3 roofing companies and met with each one
-Chiropractor appointment
-Canceled our cable and returned the box
-Went to the bank
-Returned unneeded item to Target
-Listed and sold a few items on Craigslist
-Went for 2 runs
-Painted our front and back door
-Made a coffee cake and took it to a new mommy
-Went to the farmer's market
-Brought Ben his phone when he went to work without it :)

A lot of moms work out of the home and take care of those things, too.
They must be REALLY tired!
My goal is to get as much done during the week so we can enjoy our weekends.
Ideally, I want our weekends to be fun and relaxing, not filled with errands and chores.

I always thought it was a little weird when moms would refer to themselves as the "CEO of the home" or "Domestic entrepreneur", but now I understand.
"Stay at home mom" just doesn't quite describe what I do, especially since there is rarely a day where I stay at home.

So, that's what I do.
Teaching was a rewarding and fulfilling job, but being a wife and a mom is even more so.
It just pays less. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

A few of this week's likes...

1. I like that Alice and I got to meet Hudson.
(Sorry for the blurry picture.)

2. I like the "Caution- Ice cream may stick to your lips" warning.

3. I like that Alice and I are back home.
We missed Ben SO much!

4. I like that we have friends who let our daughter lick their shoulder until there's a HUGE wet spot.


The invasion of stuff can happen so quickly with all the baby paraphernalia you "have" to have.
Bouncer seat, swing, pack-n-play, johnny-jumper, activity mat, exersaucer, bumbo, toys...
It's a never ending list.

But, it has been a goal of mine to keep our house from looking like Pee-Wee's playhouse.

Need a visual?
Here you go:
To do so, we have tried to keep the amount of stuff to a minimum.
I also try to keep Alice's stuff in her room...only bringing out whatever it is she's using and then returning it to her room when finished.
I know this will get harder to do as she gets older.

Moving on...
Alice does not have a fancy play mat.
But, when we were in TN my sister brought one over for her to borrow.

I thought I'd stick her in to see what she did.
She cried.
I thought to myself, "Yessss!! She doesn't like it! Good. One less thing she'll want."

Then, she kicked the hanging bug thing.
And it played music.
Well, crap.
Now I see how parents end up with all that stuff.
It makes your kid happy, which in return, makes you happy.

Maybe Pee-Wee's playhouse isn't so bad.
I mean, he DOES have a robot.
That's pretty cool!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Update

It's a blogging marathon!
It's late.
I'm staying up to bid on an acoustic bass for Ben for Father's Day.
13 minutes remaining.
I WILL win the auction. 
I thought I'd update my summer to-do list while I wait.

Things to do this summer-

1. Make a homemade mojito

2. Go to the driving range

3. Have a Slush Puppie

4. Go to a garage sale

5. Get a treat from the ice cream truck

6. Go to the farmer's market

7. Turn 31

8. Go to the drive-in

9. Watch a sunset

10. Run the Jack Quinns on a Tuesday night

11. Take a nap in the hammock

12. Play croquet

13. Roast marshmallows

14. Make a banana split

15. Make fresh salsa using the tomatoes and cilantro from the garden

16. Have a water gun fight

17. Learn more about my camera

18. Take Alice on her first camping trip

19. Have a picnic

20. Plant flowers

21. Recreate this picture:

22. Play miniature golf

23. Outdoor movie night

Making progress!

If you're unhappy and you know it

Alice was held by a LOT of people while we were in Tennessee.
Here are just a few of them:

For the most part she was a trooper.
But sometimes she'd come to the edge.
(Reference: this clip--at 33 seconds in)

This is what she looks like when she's come to the edge:

In her defense, it was very hot and very humid.
The edge is never too far away in those conditions.

Grandma Hartman

Not many people can say they know their great, great grandmother.
Alice could...if she could talk.

Let me tell you about my great grandmother.

1. Her name is Bertie.
(How awesome is that name?)

2. She's 92 years old and lives on her own.

3. Her garden kicks my garden's butt.
It's at LEAST 10 times bigger than mine.
She plants, tends, and harvests it herself.

4. She can wear head-to-toe pink.
She also keeps a tissue in her shirt pocket.
I like that.

This is my mom with her grandmother and granddaughter.
(Yes, my child is screaming in that picture. I'll post about that later.)

5. Grandma is an amazing quilter and seamstress.
There's no telling how many quilts she's made over the years.
This is her sewing room.

(She'd kill me for showing "the world" a picture of her controlled chaos.)

This is the quilt she made for Alice:

6. She used to sew costumes for Hee Haw.

7. She's sharp as a tack and has a great memory.
And she's feisty.
Just ask my mom who got a "talkin' to" for not visiting her often enough.

8. Grandma mows her own lawn!
She insists that it's simply "walking behind the mower".

I'm fairly certain she'll outlive me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

12 weeks old

Alice and I been in Tennessee visiting family for the past week.
I have a lot to blog about when I get home.
But, I felt this couldn't wait.

My sister came over to take some pictures of Alice today.

Here are 2 of my favorites...

Those eyes kill me.
And the hair?
I made valiant efforts to tame it.
We're blaming the humidity.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alice learns a new trick.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Father's Day!

A man who begets and helps to raise his children.
He strives to keep them safe and healthy.
He works to feed and clothe them, and to send them to trade school or college.
He gives them every opportunity to grow in experience and wisdom.
He teaches them how to camp, how to shoot, and how to fix cars.
If he has a daughter, the time will come when he has to chase away a cretin who has a picture of Calvin taking a leak in the window of his pickup truck."

We celebrated Father's Day this past weekend.
Don't panic.
Father's Day is actually this Sunday.
But, Alice and I will be out of town.
I've already accepted my "Wife of the Year" award for my scheduling error.
In my defense, I ran the dates by my Mom and Ben before booking the flight.
None of us caught that Alice and I would be gone for Father's Day.

So, we decided to celebrate early!
(I love that Ben and I are both pretty laid back when it comes to things like this.
If Valentine's Day wasn't what we were expecting, no problem!
We just schedule a "do-over" for the following weekend.
If I take our daughter and leave town for Father's Day, no problem!
We just celebrate it a week early.)

Alice has amazing handwriting for an 11 week old!

I love watching her face light up when she sees Ben.

I thought about getting him a tie, or something that says "#1 Dad" on it,
but decided he'd probably like an acoustic bass a little more.
We couldn't really surprise him with one since I wanted him to be able to play it before buying it.
So, we went to the guitar store.

Taking it for a test drive.

I don't know why I like this picture so much, but I do.
Ben is researching acoustic basses.
Alice is napping.

Happy Father's Day, Ben!
Alice and I love you lots and lots!


Two years ago today I married my best friend.
I often think about how incredibly blessed I am to get to spend the rest of my life with Ben.
He is loving, generous, compassionate, patient, hard-working, and makes me laugh a LOT.

Thank you, Ben, for choosing me!
I love you!


Wedding day:

Happy Anniversary, Scott and Jess!
I like sharing an anniversary with you guys.
Lets go back to Juneau soon. :)

1st Anniversary:

2nd Anniversary:

Friday, June 11, 2010


Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 on 10

I thought I'd try out the 10 on 10 project.
I heard about it on this blog.
(She has SUPER cute little girls!)
You take 1 picture every hour for 10 hours on the 10th of the month.

Morning cuddles and coffee

She loves when I sing to her.

Nap time with the magical seahorse.
It's everything I hate in a toy...mainstream, plasticy belly, requires batteries, etc.
But, it has ridiculously good reviews on Amazon. Weird.
Found it at a garage sale for .25.
Alice loves it.

Folding laundry

Shower time for me.
I can think of a bunch of self-degrading comments to go along with her expression.
I'll spare you.

Clean sheet day!
Everyone loves clean sheet day!

Time to hit the road.

Alice's first movie!
We saw Babies with Nana and the aunts.
She slept the entire time.
Cute movie.
Wait for DVD.

Best thing about hot days...
the diapers dry so fast!

Happy baby.
Happy dog.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Miniature Golf

You know those nights where you don't really have anything planned but then it turns into a super fun "we should do this again!" kind of nights?
Only you know that even if you do it again it won't ever be just like the first time?
Tonight was one of those nights.
We went miniature golfing.
The weather was PERFECT!
And, no bugs.
I love that about Colorado.

We decided to split up.
The girls...

and the guys.

That was probably best since the guys were pretty serious about it.
At one point I looked over and they were measuring who was closest to the hole.
That's dedication to the "sport".

Another example: Ben's golf ball is the red one, Garrett's is the orange.
Ben purposely knocked Garrett's into the water.
Rude, right?
THAT is how serious they were about winning.

The girls had mad mini golf skillz, too.
Each one of us got a hole-in-one at some point.
Cathy got FOUR of them!

Remember how I said the weather was perfect?
Look at that sunset!

Alice and Hudson-
I could make some comment about how we'll show this picture at their wedding,
but the husbands don't like when Cathy and I talk like that. :)

We love our friends!

What a fun summer evening!
Maybe I'll add "play miniature golf" to my summer list and cross it off. :)