Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grandma Hartman

Not many people can say they know their great, great grandmother.
Alice could...if she could talk.

Let me tell you about my great grandmother.

1. Her name is Bertie.
(How awesome is that name?)

2. She's 92 years old and lives on her own.

3. Her garden kicks my garden's butt.
It's at LEAST 10 times bigger than mine.
She plants, tends, and harvests it herself.

4. She can wear head-to-toe pink.
She also keeps a tissue in her shirt pocket.
I like that.

This is my mom with her grandmother and granddaughter.
(Yes, my child is screaming in that picture. I'll post about that later.)

5. Grandma is an amazing quilter and seamstress.
There's no telling how many quilts she's made over the years.
This is her sewing room.

(She'd kill me for showing "the world" a picture of her controlled chaos.)

This is the quilt she made for Alice:

6. She used to sew costumes for Hee Haw.

7. She's sharp as a tack and has a great memory.
And she's feisty.
Just ask my mom who got a "talkin' to" for not visiting her often enough.

8. Grandma mows her own lawn!
She insists that it's simply "walking behind the mower".

I'm fairly certain she'll outlive me.


MrsA.Woods said...

She's my new inspiration. What a wonderful woman!

Chrissy said...

All true! I gotta go see her soon... its ridiculous to live this close and see everyone twice a year!

Katharine said...

I want to be her.