Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day!

A man who begets and helps to raise his children.
He strives to keep them safe and healthy.
He works to feed and clothe them, and to send them to trade school or college.
He gives them every opportunity to grow in experience and wisdom.
He teaches them how to camp, how to shoot, and how to fix cars.
If he has a daughter, the time will come when he has to chase away a cretin who has a picture of Calvin taking a leak in the window of his pickup truck."

We celebrated Father's Day this past weekend.
Don't panic.
Father's Day is actually this Sunday.
But, Alice and I will be out of town.
I've already accepted my "Wife of the Year" award for my scheduling error.
In my defense, I ran the dates by my Mom and Ben before booking the flight.
None of us caught that Alice and I would be gone for Father's Day.

So, we decided to celebrate early!
(I love that Ben and I are both pretty laid back when it comes to things like this.
If Valentine's Day wasn't what we were expecting, no problem!
We just schedule a "do-over" for the following weekend.
If I take our daughter and leave town for Father's Day, no problem!
We just celebrate it a week early.)

Alice has amazing handwriting for an 11 week old!

I love watching her face light up when she sees Ben.

I thought about getting him a tie, or something that says "#1 Dad" on it,
but decided he'd probably like an acoustic bass a little more.
We couldn't really surprise him with one since I wanted him to be able to play it before buying it.
So, we went to the guitar store.

Taking it for a test drive.

I don't know why I like this picture so much, but I do.
Ben is researching acoustic basses.
Alice is napping.

Happy Father's Day, Ben!
Alice and I love you lots and lots!

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