Friday, June 4, 2010

Miniature Golf

You know those nights where you don't really have anything planned but then it turns into a super fun "we should do this again!" kind of nights?
Only you know that even if you do it again it won't ever be just like the first time?
Tonight was one of those nights.
We went miniature golfing.
The weather was PERFECT!
And, no bugs.
I love that about Colorado.

We decided to split up.
The girls...

and the guys.

That was probably best since the guys were pretty serious about it.
At one point I looked over and they were measuring who was closest to the hole.
That's dedication to the "sport".

Another example: Ben's golf ball is the red one, Garrett's is the orange.
Ben purposely knocked Garrett's into the water.
Rude, right?
THAT is how serious they were about winning.

The girls had mad mini golf skillz, too.
Each one of us got a hole-in-one at some point.
Cathy got FOUR of them!

Remember how I said the weather was perfect?
Look at that sunset!

Alice and Hudson-
I could make some comment about how we'll show this picture at their wedding,
but the husbands don't like when Cathy and I talk like that. :)

We love our friends!

What a fun summer evening!
Maybe I'll add "play miniature golf" to my summer list and cross it off. :)

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