Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We went camping with some of our favorite friends this past weekend.

We tossed a few things in the car and off we went!

Just kidding about the "few" things.
I packed up our house.
We had a Taj Mahal of a tent, an air mattress, bassinet for Alice, bouncy seat, Beco carrier, tons of food...we could have easily made it another few days. :)

It was a perfect weekend!
Lots of time for relaxing and reading...




defending our campsite from geese...

and spending time with friends.

Alice was a camping champ!

Her sleeping arrangement:

This was officially her last time sleeping in the bassinet.
She's too big for it now!

We've learned that she's happiest spending time outside.

(I stole this picture from my friend, Carey.)

Ben was pretty sick at the beginning of the trip. :(
By Saturday night (with the help of antibiotics) he was feeling much better.
What a good sport!
(I stole this picture, too.)

More camping pictures and stories can be found on Jennifer's blog, Katie's blog, and Jen's blog.
They did a MUCH better job of documenting the weekend than I did.

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