Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you!

Things to do this summer-

1. Make a homemade mojito

2. Go to the driving range

3.Have a Slush Puppie

4. Go to a garage sale

5. Get a treat from the ice cream truck

6. Go to the farmer's market

7. Turn 31

8. Go to the drive-in

9. Watch a sunset

11. Take a nap in the hammock

Well, I didn't really do this.
For good reason though.
There are ants on our hammock!
The ants are using it as a shortcut from one tree to the other.

So, I took a nap.
Several, to be honest.
But I took them in my comfy bed.
Some with a snuggly baby, some with my sweet husband.
I love naps.

So, I'm changing #11 to "Take a nap".

12. Play croquet

13. Roast marshmallows

14. Make a banana split

15. Make fresh salsa using the tomatoes and cilantro from the garden

16. Have a water gun fight

17. Learn more about my camera

18. Take Alice on her first camping trip

19. Have a picnic

20. Plant flowers

21. Recreate this picture:

22. Play miniature golf

23. Outdoor movie night

24. Date nights with Ben

With that, farewell Summer.
Next up, "Things to do this Fall" list!
I love Summer, but I really, really love Fall!

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

Wow!! Great job!!
I should make a fall to-do list since I always think about doing fun stuff but never actually get around to doing it!