Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday, Carey and I made plum jam.
I would've been pretty overwhelmed trying to do it on my own while caring for Alice.
But having a friend help was perfect!

We turned about 20 pounds of these...

into these...

Over 40 jars of jam!

We're pretty proud of ourselves.
So domestic of us!


Nicole said...

that's a lot of jam! very cool. great idea for gifts :)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

it reminds me of that one 80's movie with diane keaten where she moves to the country with her baby and makes...i cant remember what, but she sells a ton of them and makes a lotta dollas.
i know.
good story.
point being. you can sell your jams and make a lotta dollas too.

i love that you will get this because you know me. =)