Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I loved today.
There was a chill in the air this morning.
Hoodie and sweatshirt weather.
Alice and I had a lazy morning.

When she napped, I read a book.
We played on the floor.
Sang songs.
Drank coffee.
(Me, not Alice.)
Ate a muffin.
(Me, not Alice.)
It felt like a Saturday morning.

I had a few things to do.
Clean up the kitchen, vacuum, unload the dishwasher, return phone calls/emails, etc.
I just did them really fast so I could go back to pretending it was Saturday.

Later on, the sun came out.
But it never got hot.
I love that!

We went to the library.
Then went for a walk.

I tested out my new camera lens.
I'm learning.
Slowly, but surely.

Jack and Alice had their daily staring contest.
Both have incredibly short attention spans so it's a fair match.

I would have loved this day even more had Ben been at home.
He was working hard so I can stay home with Alice.
Ben is an amazing husband and father.
Loving, giving, patient, funny, encouraging, kind, dedicated.

Our evening was nice, too.
Easy dinner, long walk, Guiness, time to catch up with each other.
And to top it off, it's 8:30 and Alice is asleep.

Life is so very good.
I'm blessed.

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