Monday, September 27, 2010

6 months old!

Happy half birthday, Alice!
We took a little trip to the apple orchard yesterday.
Thanks for obliging to my picture taking. :)

Our sweet daughter, you are growing so fast.
Please slow down just a bit.

You're sitting up like a champ!
It makes you seem much older.

Contrary to the picture below, we still haven't given you solid foods.
(Why have we delayed solids? We believe this. Our plan is to do "baby led weaning" once she shows signs of readiness.)

I love when you babble and "sing" along to music.
It's the cutest!

Your favorite things to do:
Jump in the Johnny Jump-Up
Pet Jack
Swing in the hammock with Daddy
Play with my hair
Go for walks
Cuddle in the sling
Chew on toys
Read books
Take baths

You're not crazy about me leaving you you.
You're REALLY not crazy about Daddy and I both leaving you.
However, we only leave you with people who know and love you almost as much as we do. :)
You make the saddest face when you're upset.
Your lips make a huge frown, you little nose turns red, and your eyes fill with tears.
It's enough to break my heart.

Your laugh is contagious.
You laugh at Daddy and Jack the most.
It makes my day to see you give an all-out belly laugh.

Alice Claire, you bring us so much joy.
Thank you for making me a mommy.


katie said...

the last pic of you and alice is so beautiful! you are a hot mama!

Cassandra Nicole said...

i agree with katie!!! sooo cute mo! alice is soooo cute!! cant wait until thanksgiving! with an oven!

Katharine said...

I can't believe it has already been six months. . . that flew!!!! I love every single picture of her and I think she is such a good mix of you and your husband.

Delaying solids is also just so so much easier on life, I agree. Susannah nursed exclusively for nine months until she grabbed some of Lily's food and ate it - LOL! I love skipping the baby food phase - too bad I am like 20 pounds underweight now that she is 13 months - ah well!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Such a cutie!! Happy Half Birthday little one!!