Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 months old!

Dear Alice,
Today you are 7 months old.
Here are 7 things about you:

1. You are developmentally right where you should be; sitting up on your own, rolling, babbling, eating some solid foods, etc.
I'm pretty sure you'll be crawling here soon.
Your weight is on the "peanut" end of the scale, but that's okay.
We think you're perfect!

2. You love to read books, jump in the Johnny Jump-up, play in the excersaucer Corbin is letting you borrow, pet Jack, ride in the sling, take baths, ride in shopping carts, go for walks, and sit big girl style in your stroller.

3. Just recently you've been consuming a lot more food.
We were shocked last night when you downed a spinach potato cake, some edamame, and sweet potato.
Your diapers are even more shocking.
Thanks for timing it just right for Daddy to change you last night. :)

4. You are so expressive.
I love the funny faces you make.
And your laugh?
It's the cutest!

5. We love you, baby girl, but your nighttime sleep has earned you a D.
Maybe a D+ since you do give me a break with a couple nice daytime naps.
Since October 1 (yes, I remember the exact day) you have been waking up every 1-2 hours.
Occasionally we get a 3 hour stretch.
It's rough and it needs to change here very soon.
You did give us a couple longer stretches last night, though.
Maybe we're turning a corner in this sleep situation?

6. I love how you recognize our friends and family.
It's been really fun to see you interact with other babies, too.
We go to Baby Time at the library, to MOPS, and have play dates with friends throughout the week.
Oh! Speaking of MOPS, I left you in the nursery for the first time 2 weeks ago.
You made one of the volunteers hold you the entire time.

7. You've been so healthy until just a couple days ago when you developed a runny nose.
I've read runny noses and poor sleep can be signs of teething.
Maybe we'll see a tooth pop up soon?

We love you so very much, Alice Claire.
You bring us much joy!

Your Mama


Katharine said...

She is so so cute! Where do you find all those adorable headbands?!!

Brad & Rachel said...

If the diapers are diarrhea interesting, this is unfortunately another sign of teething. Good luck on the sleeping!

Emily Golding said...

So cute! Love the headband!

Our first tooth just broke through yesterday.

Rodney and Brooke said...

Oh my goodness Melissa...she is such a doll. And was a sweet post. :)