Saturday, October 23, 2010

Granny, Hat, Alice, and Jack

Another really creative title, right?

My Granny has mentioned several times that I haven't updated the blog in awhile.
She turned 75 yesterday! Happy Birthday, Granny!!

Okay, here's the first of several posts...

I bought Alice a fall hat from
I told Ben about how many people comment on it, but he got to experience it last night when we went to dinner.
A man came up to us outside of a restaurant saying that he'd like to take her picture (and held up his phone), but realized that would be weird.
Yes, that would be weird.
Instead he called his wife over.
"Honey, you have to come over here to see this cute baby!"
We think she's cute all the time, but the hat seems to make her extra cute.

A lot of people would caption the following photo something like, "Our happy kids".
We aren't those people.
Our happy kid and our happy dog:
We love our dog, but we've never referred to him as being our offspring.

Seeing Jack and Alice together does make me love him a little more though.

I have a lot of pictures like this:
She's after my camera.


Cathy V said...

It's not creepy to take pictures of other people's glad that man realized it would be creepy. Wish some other people would join him :)

Emily Golding said...

LOVE the hat! LOVE Etsy!

Emily & Amelia said...

I would have to agree - so stinkin cute with or without the hat- but the hat is awesome. Love it.