Monday, October 4, 2010

Tiny Satans

I hate all stinging insects.
I've decided I hate bees the least though, seeing as they have an actual function in this world.
Honey (sick!) and flowers (yay!).
It took years of teaching preschool to not run away screaming when a stinging insect was in my vicinity.
Did you know that Melissa means "honey bee"?
Weird, right?

Well, on Saturday I jumped up on top of our car to get better pictures of the scenery.
That's when a tiny satan (aka yellow jacket) started attacking me.
I couldn't run since I was on top of the car.

My sweet husband and brother-in-law were absolutely no help.
JB pulled out his iPhone to record the incident while Ben started taking pictures.

(if you click on these pictures you can see it swarming my face)

As if that wasn't enough...
We were driving home with the windows down when a fuzzy bumblebee flew into the car and in my shirt.
In case you missed that, it landed IN MY SHIRT!!!

I very calmly managed to get it out of my shirt and out the window without causing an accident.

And what did I get for my act of bravery?
A high-five.
I think I deserved an ice cream cone.


MrsA.Woods said...

Ugh - I have the chills reading this. I'm not really scared of them, but not a fan either. You didn't get stung did you?

katie said...

totally deserved ice cream for this one. on a plus note your hair looked fabulous in these pics, so shiny!

Carey said...

Sometimes I just look at your blog to make me smile....