Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 things...

I've had 3 awesomes arrive in the mail this past week.

1. Free cards!
For reals free.
I didn't even pay for shipping.
Nor did I give them any credit card info.

Over 100 Thanksgiving/thank-you cards!

No, thank YOU tinyprints.com.
And Springs Bargains where I found out about this sweet deal!

2. Free Norwex cloth!

My friend, Kelly, posted a giveaway on her blog.
I won!
I had a Norwex cloth before, but now I have one designated for the bathroom and one for the kitchen.
I quickly put it to work on the kitchen sink.

Here's the thing,
I've been bathing Alice in the kitchen sink lately.
(It's SO much easier.)
I want that sink clean since her naked butt goes in there.
But, I don't want to use chemical cleaners since her naked butt goes in there.
What's a girl to do?
Norwex cloth!

I'm a believer.
If you want one, you can contact Kelly through her blog,
Thank you, Kelly!

3. Free necklace!

One of my new favorite blogs is Gypsy Jules.
And not only because I won this super cute necklace from her. :)
She posts lots of great deals, free samples, giveaways, etc.
Check her out on Facebook, too.

Okay, that's it and that's all.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, no one asked me to write this.
Just thought I'd pass along the info in the event you're interested.


Emily Golding said...

How fun is all of that?!? Yay for free stuff! : )

Blomgrens said...

Awesome deals/wins! Those Norwex pictures are great! Will you send them to me for my archives? So glad you appreciate the cloth :)

Jules said...

Guess what?
A new Giveaway is coming.
And it's gonna help the little ones.
Thanks for the shout out.
I feel loved. :)

BoyDena Smiley said...

what are you doing with the thanksgiving cards?

Melissa said...

Hey Dena!
Most of them just say "thank you" on them, so they'll just be thank you cards.
I'm thinking I'll send out the thanksgiving ones next year just because I like them. :)