Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas on the brain.

My friend, Cathy, blogged about these Christmas cards.
What a great way to spread the word about great cards and a great deal.
We've used Shutterfly the past 2 years for our cards:
My plan is to keep with the same style each year and one day make some sort of frame or book with all the cards.
It'll be fun to see how our family changes and grows each year.

I'm thinking this year I may go with one of these:

However, I love these styles, too!

I am a list person through and through. Can you tell?

Bloggers, go here to see the deal!


Cathy V said...

Hurray for free cards. Thanks for the shout-out

Chrissy said...

Crud... I guess I should start thinking about that!! I may have to go with one that has spots for individual photos since there is NO WAY I am getting one group shot with everyone looking AND smiling!! :)