Sunday, November 28, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving in TN this year.
We had a great trip!
However, I was a picture taking failure.
I came home without pictures of many of my family members.

Anyway, here's what I've got:

-My mama and me

-Family picture

-Uncle Ben and Lily

-The best of a bajillion pictures taken of the Jensen 7

-A chick magnet

-My big sister and me...Paul doesn't look impressed. :)

-All the girl cousins (and Ben)

-War Eagle!

-Chatting with Granny

-Thanksgiving cooking scene


We are so thankful.
What a blessed year it has been!


Carey said...

2 favorite pictures:
You and Alice Sleeping
Ben with all the girl cousins

Chrissy said...

Cute cute cute!!!
I can't believe that's the best pic of the 7 of them together! I may snag it as proof that it's impossible to get everyone looking decent in one photo! I love you, Mo!It was great seeing you!