Friday, December 10, 2010

10 on 10, December edition

It's that time again!

Alice has decided to give yogurt another shot.
Contrary to what it looks like, she's gotten pretty good at feeding herself with the spoon. 

One of my favorite new Christmas traditions: 
framing each year's Christmas card photo for the tree.
This makes #3!

I love when she wakes up from naps happy!

Chrissy, just in case you missed my last post...

Packages and Christmas cards sent!
Do you see the tree in the tape reflection? 
I could pretend I planned that, but I didn't. 

Since I had my camera (aka "the big guy") out, 
I thought I'd take some first Christmas pictures of Alice.
She was thrilled to oblige.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about subjecting my child to copious amounts of picture taking.
However, I never feel guilty about making Jack join the party.
He'll do anything for cheese.

It was around 60 today here in Colorado.
We went outside to soak up some vitamin D.
It certainly does not feel like December here!

Well lookie there.
Alice just learned she can roll over to get in the presents.

I don't really like the last photo.
But, I like what it's a picture of.
It's our little fake fire place.
(We would NEVER be able to have a real fire going today. We would melt.)
And the "A" and "M" stockings I found at Goodwill.
(Ben gets the nondescript white one.)
I love the coziness of Christmas.



Jennifer said...

Your photos are very festive! Love it!

sethswife said...

beautiful shots, especially of baby! good job. :)

Lisa said...

The dog's fixated stare is fantastic. I think I can feel how much he wants that cheese.

Sarah said...

Love these! Alice is so cute! And your dog does look like a good sport

Chrissy said...

Yeah... I saw the previous post... AND this reference to making me jealous... it worked.

Love the pic of her getting into the presents by the tree! We have no presents under the tree yet... and we may not till Christmas Eve. Unless I put some kind of laser grid alarm system around the entire area like something out of Mission Impossible.

Love you!!

Alita said...

Ooooh the last two shots are so sweet. What a great set!

Brad & Rachel said...

Adorable photos, as always.
I wish it was 60 in the Winter Park area yesterday. We had 60 mile an hour winds and crazy blowing snow instead. Haha!

songskatesang said...

Oh, precious! How sweet!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

so cute! i STILL have your christmas pic from last year on our wall =)