Monday, February 28, 2011

Black Hawk

I went on an overnight trip with some friends.
The 4 of us went on two Spring Break cruises together. 
It was fun having a little reunion of sorts.

Marcia and Stefanie:

 Ashlyn and me:

We went to Black Hawk, CO.
Stayed in the fancy AmeriStar casino. 
Played slot machines.
Caught up with each other.
Drank sangria.
Sat in the hot tub.
Played cards.

I did this:

Stefanie did this:

Ash did this:

And Marcia did this:

We're grown-ups.
I promise.

Alice had some fun Daddy time. 
Ben is awesome.

The end. 


Alita said...

Those bed to bed shots are flippin hilarious!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

hehe, this post just reminds me why i'm friends with you =)
hope you gave miss tetnie a BIG hug from me!

Brad & Rachel said...

This post made me laugh out loud, I got some weird looks from co-workers. =) Black Hawk is pretty awesome! Glad you had fun!