Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrating 1!

Ready for a picture overload?
And, go!

The setup:

Opening gifts:

"Cake" time:

Zucchini muffin, cake, same thing right? 

Practicing standing on her own:

It's not a party unless you're putting stuff on your head!

Our guests of honor:

A family picture:

The k-group Dads:

And the Moms:

It was a really fun day!
Happy Birthday, sweet Alice!

Oh, and if you're thinking, 
"Wait a second. That's not the Bolton's house."
Well, you're wrong.
It is. 
We just bought it. 
Crazy, right?
More info on that coming soon. 
It's been busy around here.
Like, ridiculously busy.
But, a good busy. :)


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Happy 1st Birthday our dear, sweet Alice! You look beautiful in your pigtails and dress. Eating zucchini muffins and practicing standing? What a big girl you are! Wish we could be there to celebrate this day, but know we are thinking about you always.
Lots of love,
the Nelsons

MrsA.Woods said...

Happy Birthday Alice! Looks like she had a great birthday! I love the new house (from what I can see). Oh, and I'm off to google zuchinni muffins... I think those would be a big hit for my little miss. :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Alice! Looks like the party was a ton of fun :o). And congrats on the new house, how exciting!

Blomgrens said...

Way to go Alice - cute party and cute dress too! Congrats on the house - can't wait to hear more!!

Carey said...

So glad we got to celebrate with you baby girl!

Chrissy said...

Those are great!!
The house looks awesome too!!
Happy Birthday again, sweet baby Alice!
Can't wait to see you soon!!

smbcoffee said...

What a fun party! Alice is such a sweet girl. We enjoyed watching her tear into that zucchini muffin. :-)