Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, part 1

 I found a little Easter dress at a consignment shop.
Alice threw a fit when I put it on...
until I put the bonnet on her.
Then she was happy.
I was just going to put it on to take some pictures,
but she ended up wearing it all day.

Yes, she's in our bathtub.
It's the bathroom Pack-n-Play. 

She likes it,
most of the time...

Opening her "Easter basket."
A half-eaten box of Annie's Bunny Grahams!
(It's the second year we didn't make a basket for her.
Parenting fail.)

Baby toes are the cutest.


lundsincolorado said...

Her sweet little cheeks melt my heart. And I adore that bonnet... couldn't be too hard to make, right?

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

so sweet...

don't worry, this is the first year justin and i did an easter basket for m...and she's three. you have a year to beat us in the parenting department =)
but i know we are all celebrating the real gift - Jesus' Resurrection. Yeah buddy!
love you guys,