Thursday, April 21, 2011

She walks!, take 2

This video combines the earlier post about walking and the one about her bling.  :)
I think she's wanting to walk more because crawling with the necklaces is hard...
gets caught in her knees.

Any guesses to what she says at the beginning?
Sounds like, "tebul."
She's been saying it all day.


mary said...

I'm very impressed! Walking with all that bling AND a baby. She's got it down. I was hoping I could translate since Im around a bunch of that kind of language all the time but no luck:( She is so adorable!

Mom Debbie said...

She's actually getting psyched up for football season already! She's saying "Tebow"! Yay! I can see us, junkfood, nana spoiling her rotten... Can I borrow her necklace?

Blomgrens said...

She's so good!! She totally has the frankenstein walk down :) Love it!