Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 on 10, May

iPhone style

Sean III, or is it IV?
I can't remember.

Our bedroom wall.

Note to self: no more necklaces.

Those are pre-pregnancy jeans I'm wearing.
They don't fit well,
but they're buttoned and zipped.

One of my favorite things about our new house...
this teeny-tiny lion door knocker.

I love this kid.

And this one:


annalea said...

great snapshot of your day!

i love our doorknocker too - even made sure it was included on our purchase agreement when we bought the house. :)

Aimie Campomanes said...

I like your bedroom wall pic...that is a cool saying you have on the wall.

Jen said...

Great to see your day of photos. I love the photos with your children - too sweet!

Ali Rockwell said...

I love your little lion head!!! I got our drawer pulls here: There are lots of them if you just search "Lions head drawer pull" on Google or wherever else. I wasn't expecting to find as many as I did. There are a few different faces it seems like, but I liked the ones I picked and the one like yours the best. I do like the finish on yours more than our brass though I think. It realllly made me want a lions head door knocker after I saw these!

Ali Rockwell said...

Oh, and I just saw the post where you painted him red!! My original idea was to paint ours yellow, it just didn't happen :) I still want to paint them eventually, and seeing how cute your red one is REALLY makes me want to!!!