Saturday, May 28, 2011


I can't believe it.

We went from this:
(2 weeks ago)

To this:

To this:

Here's another comparison.

Construction is complete!
The upstairs, too!

Our house is back to normal!!
Actually, it's even better than normal.
We have fresh paint, new carpet, and new light fixtures in the kitchen.

One crew finished up this morning.
Then, we cleaned all afternoon.
There was drywall dust EVERYWHERE.
Then, carpet this evening.

You need people?
I know people.
They don't mess around.
They do a great job and do it quickly.

I have to do a "public" shout-out to the Klenke's.
They gave up their Saturday afternoon to work their butts off for us.
Carey helped me clean.
Without boring you with the details,
we're impressive. :)
Steve helped Ben with the man jobs.
They fixed the sprinklers, repaired the fence, touched up some paint, placed some trim...

It was a really good day.



Carey said...

Yeah for life getting back to normal!!!

BoyDena said...

I've got a lunch coupon to curry leaf with your name on it when you are ready! Maybe next week?

Blomgrens said...

YAY yay yay!!!! Your home now looks soooo peaceful and dry :)