Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I really don't want to be one of those moms who say "no" all the time.
I try to save it for times that are important,
like when she goes near the fireplace.

So, when she started doing this yesterday,
I was pretty horrified.


And it begins.


lundsincolorado said...

Ha! Did she actually say "No mama" in the middle of that clip? :-)

Melissa said...

Sarah, it definitely sounds like it. That little stinker!

Corrie said...

That is definitely Elias' favorite answer - a string of "no"s. I've recently tried to curtail my use of no, but I'm not sure it will undo the damage :(

Rachel said...

ha! ever since we realized john was delayed in speech i've felt as if i hadn't done something to help him learn. (i am his primary caregiver.) my saving grace was "if he could talk he would definitely be saying 'no'because he hears it all the time". well, it finally happened yesterday and today. "no!" he tells me as he shakes his finger at me. :) i've never been so happy to hear backtalk! :)