Friday, May 6, 2011

An update, of sorts.

So, like everyone else on Earth,
it's been busy around here. 
My Granny pointed out in a roundabout way that I haven't posted pictures in awhile. 
So, Granny, here you go! :)

A few days after Easter Alice found the bonnet.
She wore it all day.
Loves that thing!
Makes me laugh.

Also, what's wrong with this picture?

Spring/Easter decorations on the mantel,
fire in the fireplace,
snow on the ground.
Thankfully, it's going to be sunny and 75 all weekend.

Alice is growing up so fast.
And I haven't done a 12 or 13 month post for her.
I need to. 
I need to document the fun things she's doing.

We spend a lot of time at Home Depot.
Oh, the joys of buying a foreclosure.
She was getting restless in the cart, so I put her in my bag.
Bought me another 10 minutes in the store. :)

Another reason we've been busy...

Abigail has been coming over to play in the mornings!
Her mama is finishing up the school year with her first grade students.
I get to take care of her.
Now that I'm a mom, I get what a big deal it is to leave your baby with someone. 
I feel so honored people trust me with their babies.

Alice loves Abby, too.
She's like a mini-mommy.
It's the cutest.
She gives Abby her paci, pushes her in the swing,
wants to share her snacks and water, etc.

 Lastly, I just think this picture is cute.
She turned the rings into bath bling.

Well, I should wrap this up.
Both babies are sleeping.
I have things to clean. 

All in all, we're happy,
and healthy,
loving our new home,
and making memories.

I'll do some sort of home update soon...
I hope!

(I'm super thankful for my phone.
Without it, I would have 0 pictures from the past few weeks.)

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The Moffats said...

I love your updates :) We are totally in the same boat. Just moved and finishing up a huge remodel. So exhausting and rewarding and all consuming. I kind of hate the part that is all consuming. There has to be a balance but I haven't found it yet :) Here's to hoping for days where we are settled and a little more back to normal!