Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15 months old!

(Pictures were taken this afternoon when Alice and I had a pool party.
It lasted about 25 minutes.
We're wild party animals.)

Dear Alice,
You turned 15 months old a couple days ago. 
You're learning so much I can hardly keep up,
but I'll try.

Like I mentioned last week,
you are amazing with sign language.
Adding to the list:

Today, I saw you go pick up something on the floor.
I said, "What did you find?"
You signed flower.
When you brought it to me,
it was, indeed, a flower.
It had dried up and fallen off a house plant.

You're a smart cookie, Alice Claire. 
You get that from your father.

You're also throwing full-on temper tantrums.
And testing boundaries.
I thought having a newborn was challenging.
That was cake compared to having a toddler!

However, unlike your newborn days,
you're an awesome sleeper!
You go to bed around 6:30 and sleep until around 7:30.
It's heavenly!

Every once in awhile I start to panic about it.
Then I look online and read some babies don't get teeth until 16-18 months.

You love:
reading books,
taking baths (yay!),
pushing your doll stroller around,
walking everywhere,
pulling every cup out of your kitchen drawer,
being chased...especially by daddy,
climbing up,
and now, down, the stairs,
drawing with chalk, crayons, and markers,
going to the park,
your paci,
drinking icy water,
crackers of every variety,
playing peek-a-boo, 
and cheese.

You do not love:
diaper changes,
green beans,
having your hands and face washed after meals,
and when you want something you cannot have.

You have a kind heart.
You are gentle with the other babies,
sweet to Jack,
quick to give us hugs and kisses,
and are a good listener...for a 15 month old. :)

I love you, sweet girl!
I love being your mommy!


A White Chalkboard

*In case you're stumbling across this post,
please see A White Chalkboard, part 2 for an update.*

I decided to paint the pantry.
After doing the cabinets, the pantry looked extra sad.

Here's the before picture:
(but after I took off the gold pulls)
Well isn't that a thing of beauty!

I wanted a chalkboard, but I didn't want a big black wall in my kitchen.
My friend, Martha Stewart, told me I can make my own chalkboard paint...
any color I want!

I thought I'd go with white.
That way I could use it as a chalkboard, 
but erase it if I want a non-chalkboard looking pantry.

I Googled "white chalkboard."
I couldn't find even one place where someone made one.
I decided to go for it anyway.

In progress:
That trim is going to have to be painted, too.

That's better.


It's a great chalkboard!
Here's the thing:
You know how when you erase a black chalkboard, it doesn't go back to being black?
It's more of a grey shade.
Same goes with the white.
When you erase it, the white looks funky.
I just take a slightly damp rag and erase it. 
Goes right back to bright white.

I have our family calendar on it...

And our Summer List...

And little vinyl frames for Alice to color inside...
She only draws inside the frames.
I think that's funny.
I'm sure that won't last.

What it looks like right now:

I like it!

So, all that to say:
You can make a white chalkboard.

The End.


This post is 3 weeks late.

This is my baby brother, Will:

I put that picture in black and white because
UT orange is the most obnoxious color in the world.
And, he didn't play for them this year.
He played for Cumberland University.

Anyway, now Will is a Diamondback!!
He was in the MLB draft and picked in the 11th round,
which is AWESOME!!
We're all so proud of him.

Go Diamondbacks!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 We gave Alice her first popsicle tonight. 

"A cold teething toy. Great. Thanks."

"Wait. What!?"

"This is freakin' fantastic!"

Eating popsicles is serious business.

And sometimes you have to take a break.

Who likes popsicles?


Back L to R: Sarah, Carey, Erin, Cathy, and Jennifer
Front L to R: Mindy, Katie, Jen, Me, and Holly

We had Katie's bachelorette party Saturday night. 
It. was. a. blast!
I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time.

Katie and Jennifer summed it up nicely. 

I wish we could do that every weekend!


The 4 of us...

have the 4 of them...
L to R: Ella, Millie, Abby, and Alice

With those names, they could be the Golden Girls in 60 years.
I love it!

Thank you, Jennifer, for taking the picture of the babies!

Monday, June 27, 2011

House updates

Some little projects I've been working on:

Painted the pantry doors with chalkboard paint!
(more to come)

Mirror and mantle= painted!

Bathroom- when looking at the picture:

But in the mirror, you see this:
 "You look marvelous!"

Alice's bedroom door

Guest room!

Finally, a place for our hats.

The basement!

The basement play land!

Organization is fun.
And pretty.

More organization in my craft/work room.

Meal planning?
Tangent: I typically start thinking about what to cook for dinner around 5:00.
I'm not a meal planner.
But, I'm going to give it a shot. 
I'm jealous of you meal planners.

Nap time is over.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I sing this song at least once a week.
I can rarely even hear the word "signs" without getting it stuck in my head. 
this post is not about Tesla. 
It's about Alice.

She's been a signing machine lately!
Seems like she picks up on 1-2 everyday. 

So, because this is my scrapbook,
and because Alice's baby book is only about 1/2 filled out,
And because my memory is worthless,
I'll make a list of the signs she knows here.

wash your hands
all done
thank you
honk the horn 
(not an official sign. acts like she's pulling the horn in a semi)
I know there's more,
but that's all I can think of right now.

It's so fun to see her language go crazy!
She loves to point out objects in books.
We say, "where's the __", and she points to it.
The other day, she was looking at a book and signing the pictures she saw.
Like she was reading, but with signing.

Okay, I'll stop there.
All moms think their babies are smart.
I am no exception.
It's just so neat to see her little brain working.

Here's a video from a couple weeks ago.
unless your Alice's grandmother or great-grandmother, 
you probably won't want to see it.
2 minutes of watching a mom quiz her kid=
I know.

Monday, June 20, 2011

This and That

1. I made my blog prettier today.
Since most of you read this through Google Reader,
here's what it looks like:

2. We now have a proper guest room.
Nothing fancy, but if you come visit, you'll sleep on a real bed!

3. On the wall in the guest room is this:
 Ben thinks it's creepy.
I think it's funny.

3. Speaking of funny, I'm about to read this:
The cover cracks me up.
I can't wait to start reading.

 4. I finally got this on the wall:
I can't believe how much she's grown in 1 year.
I often wonder how tall we'd be if we continued growing at that rate.
We'd be giants!

5. I could kiss the Pioneer Woman for this recipe.

6. I signed Alice up for the library's summer reading program.
I may have been strongly influenced by "PRIZE 1":
a coupon book which includes free Chick-fil-A!
Alice, get over here and listen to a story!

7. I'm going to Meg's craft weekend!!!!!
I won't elaborate on it.
It'll just make you jealous.
I'm SO stinking excited about it!

Okay, that's all.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

She's 100% smitten with her Daddy.

Watching them together melts my heart. 

Happy Father's Day, love of my life!

Happy Father's Day to our dads, too. 
We were both incredibly blessed to be raised by such amazing men.
Ben has 1 dad.
I have 2.
I win. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's our anniversary!

Best 3 years of my life.

Ben is my favorite.

I love him more today than I did 3 years ago.

There is no one on Earth I'd rather be living life with.

Thank you, Shauna, for taking these pictures for us!