Friday, June 10, 2011

10 on 10-- June

I remembered to find the beauty in the ordinary moments today!

aka, Learning how to Drink Milk from a Bowl
aka, The Outfit that Lasted 10 Minutes

My favorite thing about buying a house in the winter=
discovering the "new" plants!
Ex: A huge lilac bush outside our living room.
Smells SO good!

I accidentally dressed Alice like me.
I hate when I do that.
(I know you love my dirty mirror, blurry shot.
I have mad photog skillz.)

Nap time for Alice= Work time for me

(We're getting crazy up in here!)

Post-nap happiness

A collection of cups

Collecting dirt at the park

I love that this park is right across the street from us!

This picture was from last night.
I'm a 10 on 10 cheater.
Watching Ben play with Alice is one of my most favorite things in the world.
He is SUCH a good daddy!

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Cathy V said...

i loved smelling your lilac bush Wednesday night and was already thinking that I needed to plant one in my back yard outside the kitchen windows.

Meg said...

Wonderful set of photos. The first and last made me giggle. And I often find that I dressed my son in the same colors as I dressed myself. Love it!

Erin said...

The matchy photo is marvelous!
I am coveting your lilac a bit...

reeve said...

love your photos!

JulieBGreen said...

Haha we have 10 minute outfits also! Loved your set!

Kim said...

Great set! Love that first one of your doll baby in the park. :)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

great set!

I remember the days of outfits lasting only a few minutes. :o)