Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15 months old!

(Pictures were taken this afternoon when Alice and I had a pool party.
It lasted about 25 minutes.
We're wild party animals.)

Dear Alice,
You turned 15 months old a couple days ago. 
You're learning so much I can hardly keep up,
but I'll try.

Like I mentioned last week,
you are amazing with sign language.
Adding to the list:

Today, I saw you go pick up something on the floor.
I said, "What did you find?"
You signed flower.
When you brought it to me,
it was, indeed, a flower.
It had dried up and fallen off a house plant.

You're a smart cookie, Alice Claire. 
You get that from your father.

You're also throwing full-on temper tantrums.
And testing boundaries.
I thought having a newborn was challenging.
That was cake compared to having a toddler!

However, unlike your newborn days,
you're an awesome sleeper!
You go to bed around 6:30 and sleep until around 7:30.
It's heavenly!

Every once in awhile I start to panic about it.
Then I look online and read some babies don't get teeth until 16-18 months.

You love:
reading books,
taking baths (yay!),
pushing your doll stroller around,
walking everywhere,
pulling every cup out of your kitchen drawer,
being chased...especially by daddy,
climbing up,
and now, down, the stairs,
drawing with chalk, crayons, and markers,
going to the park,
your paci,
drinking icy water,
crackers of every variety,
playing peek-a-boo, 
and cheese.

You do not love:
diaper changes,
green beans,
having your hands and face washed after meals,
and when you want something you cannot have.

You have a kind heart.
You are gentle with the other babies,
sweet to Jack,
quick to give us hugs and kisses,
and are a good listener...for a 15 month old. :)

I love you, sweet girl!
I love being your mommy!


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