Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer List 2011!

It's a 2-nap day around here!
Hooray for productivity!

I've had our summer list-o-fun for awhile now. 
Time to put it on my online scrapbook. :)

Make iced tea
Make homemade ice cream
Take Alice to play in a fountain
Make homemade margaritas
Put Alice in her first swimsuit
Make a fire in the fire pit
Give Alice her first popsicle
Go swimming
Grill out…a lot
Hit golf balls at the driving range
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Roast marshmallows
See Brooke and Adam, and Katie and James tie the knot
Go out to breakfast…sit outside
Bike ride with Alice
Go to a baseball game
Take Alice to Pearl Street
Lots of Mountain Mamas hikes

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