Monday, June 20, 2011

This and That

1. I made my blog prettier today.
Since most of you read this through Google Reader,
here's what it looks like:

2. We now have a proper guest room.
Nothing fancy, but if you come visit, you'll sleep on a real bed!

3. On the wall in the guest room is this:
 Ben thinks it's creepy.
I think it's funny.

3. Speaking of funny, I'm about to read this:
The cover cracks me up.
I can't wait to start reading.

 4. I finally got this on the wall:
I can't believe how much she's grown in 1 year.
I often wonder how tall we'd be if we continued growing at that rate.
We'd be giants!

5. I could kiss the Pioneer Woman for this recipe.

6. I signed Alice up for the library's summer reading program.
I may have been strongly influenced by "PRIZE 1":
a coupon book which includes free Chick-fil-A!
Alice, get over here and listen to a story!

7. I'm going to Meg's craft weekend!!!!!
I won't elaborate on it.
It'll just make you jealous.
I'm SO stinking excited about it!

Okay, that's all.


Cathy V said...

i can't believe you made it into the craft weekend. I feel like you're going to become famous or something at it. hurray!

Melissa said...

You're funny, Cathy.
All I'm going to become is inspired...and maybe rested. :)

Emily Golding said...

Love the picture in the guest room, I don't care what Ben says!

Jules said...

I'm sorry. You mentioned the Pioneer Woman.
She's my mom.
In my dreams.
Awesome guest room. :)
I'd stay there and think your picture was funny.
btw... my captcha is preedes... in case you were wondering.

Rachel said...

yay on the blog being pretty!