Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A White Chalkboard

*In case you're stumbling across this post,
please see A White Chalkboard, part 2 for an update.*

I decided to paint the pantry.
After doing the cabinets, the pantry looked extra sad.

Here's the before picture:
(but after I took off the gold pulls)
Well isn't that a thing of beauty!

I wanted a chalkboard, but I didn't want a big black wall in my kitchen.
My friend, Martha Stewart, told me I can make my own chalkboard paint...
any color I want!

I thought I'd go with white.
That way I could use it as a chalkboard, 
but erase it if I want a non-chalkboard looking pantry.

I Googled "white chalkboard."
I couldn't find even one place where someone made one.
I decided to go for it anyway.

In progress:
That trim is going to have to be painted, too.

That's better.


It's a great chalkboard!
Here's the thing:
You know how when you erase a black chalkboard, it doesn't go back to being black?
It's more of a grey shade.
Same goes with the white.
When you erase it, the white looks funky.
I just take a slightly damp rag and erase it. 
Goes right back to bright white.

I have our family calendar on it...

And our Summer List...

And little vinyl frames for Alice to color inside...
She only draws inside the frames.
I think that's funny.
I'm sure that won't last.

What it looks like right now:

I like it!

So, all that to say:
You can make a white chalkboard.

The End.


BoyDena said...

so is your calendar written with black chalk? it looks really cool!

Melissa said...

Good question. It's written with a black bistro marker. It writes like a marker, but erases like chalk. The summer list is the same.

Rebecca said...

LOVE it!

Blomgrens said...

You're amazing & I LOVE it!!! Way to go for it. Did you do the recipe from the comments of Martha's site? I couldn't actually find the recipe she recommended.

Charlee said...

This is AMAZING! I love it... I'm so copying this in my house. I sure hope some of your creativity rubs off on me this year!