Wednesday, July 27, 2011

16 months old!

Dear Alice,

Here are your 16-month-old stats:

Teeth: none
(You are an angry, drooling machine, though.
Any day now.
For reals this time.)
Weight: 20.6
Percentile: 5th-10th

Spoken words: 5
Signed words: 35-40

Favorite things: 
pushing your babies in the stroller,
emptying out your cup drawer,
going outside,
putting Abby's pacifier in her mouth,
reading books,
blowing bubbles,
coloring with chalk,
and eating.

Things you aren't enjoying:
diaper changes,
swim lessons,
and getting in your car seat.

Other noteworthy things:
I can officially say you have weaned.
You made the call.
I supported your decision.

You're very opinionated these days.
You hate when things don't go your way.
Unfortunately for you, I have the stronger will. 

Truths for you:
You have a sweet spirit.
You are incredibly entertaining,
making us laugh ALL the time.
Your Daddy and I love you so much it makes our hearts ache.
You wear us out; you have tons of energy.
You are a precious gift.

Your Mommy

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