Monday, July 25, 2011

6 things I'm excited about

1. Eating the entire bag is encouraged.

2. Fresh flowers make everything better.

3. One of my favorite thrift store finds from about 10 years ago
finally has a home in our living room.

Consider yourself warned.

4. Teeny-tiny table for a teeny-tiny girl.
(And two of her teeny-tiny friends.)


6. Three packs of diapers= $10

(We still cloth diaper during the day.
Disposables at night, since she's in it for 12-13 hours.
Just in case you were wondering.
You probably weren't.)


BoyDena said...

you are more ambitious than I to attempt Ikea on the 2nd day! I want a full report!

lundsincolorado said...

1. I need more popcorn in my life.
2. The poison ivy print is amazing. You're so full of great ideas.
3. Iris can't wait to sit at the teeny tiny table and color with Alice.
4. IKEA!