Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Alice,
You're almost a year-and-a-half already!
How'd that happen?

You are learning so much every day...
identifying things in books,
learning that if you stand in your chairs, they get put away,
signing "car" and "airplane" each time you hear one,
making animal sounds,
following 2 (and sometimes 3) step directions,
saying new words every day!

At the park, you climb up the stairs and go down the slide...
all by yourself!

I don't know how tall you are,
or how much you weigh,
but really, those things aren't important.
I do know that you can now reach things that are on the table.
And you can easily see out our windows.
You're growing!

(Is this a foreshadow of your teenage years?)

You make us laugh ALL the time.
It's so fun to see your little sense of humor developing!

Being your mom is the best job in the whole world!
There is nothing I'd rather do.

Still no teeth.
Every month I Google "x months no teeth"
just to reassure myself that there's nothing to worry about.
At this point, I hope that you're potty trained
before you get teeth.
I think that'd be a fun little Alice fact for you in the future
when you have to play those silly icebreaker games.

You are incredibly loved, baby girl!
I'm so proud to be your mama.


PS- I'm sorry I had your shirt on backwards all morning.
How embarrassing.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1 year

What a difference a year makes!

Last year around this time:


(We didn't coordinate their outfits. We just lucked out.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today I am extra thankful for my phone.
I'm so glad I got to capture this sweet moment.
A girl and her balloon.

Guest Room!

First, let us look back at what the room once was:

I realize you can't really see the ceiling in those photos.
Can't have that, now can we?

Begin tangent:
That green (and the other 2 "kid-themed" rooms in our house)
is the reason Alice will never have one.
One day she'll come to us,
look sweetly into our eyes,
and beg to have a princess/bug/character/etc. themed room.
She'll want a castle/garden/person painted on her wall.
And we will say no.
When she wants to know why,
we'll explain to her that the family who lived in this house before us
ruined it for her.
And when she says, "But that's not FAIR!"
I'll respond in some Love and Logic-y way like,
"I love you too much to argue."
:End tangent

The room was my Propoint office/craft room for a couple months,
then I woke up at 4am one morning with the idea to switch it.
I got up,
made coffee, 
and moved everything myself.
Desk, table, huge metal shelf, and all.
I don't think Ben is surprised by me anymore.

Then, it was a storage room of sorts.
Last week, I started transforming it to a legit guest room.

4 coats of paint, even the ceiling,
repaired and painted the trim,
new switch plates,
and cleaned the carpet.

Here's the completed project:
(for now)

I wanted to do a lot of white since it's in the basement.

I wanted art above the fireplace,
but didn't want to pay for it...
Took an old picture and made a collage of people we love;
people we hope will come stay with us.
It's not 100% inclusive,
but pretty close. :)

A bowl of items guests may need if they forgot theirs.

I put our electric fireplace in here since it's in the basement.
It gets chilly down there.


Our first guests arrive tomorrow night.
I can't wait!!!!

Anyone else want to come visit Colorado Springs?

5 things.

1. I've been to Ikea 4 times since it opened 2.5 weeks ago. 
I might have a problem.

2. Alice has been a dancing fool.

3. My little brother just officially signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
I couldn't be more proud!
(I posted this picture before, but I'm going to do it again.
My blog, my rules.)

4. Alice and I went swimming last week.
Sometimes I eat olives, 
even though I know I don't like them,
just to see if maybe I like them now.
I don't.
Sometimes I go swimming,
even though I know I don't like swimming,
just to see if maybe I like it now.
I don't.
Really, I don't mind being in the water.
I just hate being wet when I get out.
(I feel the same way about showers.)

5. All of this "Back to School" stuff is weird
when you're no longer a teacher
and don't have school-aged kids.
Maybe I'll go out and buy some markers...
just for fun.

PS- I started this post on Monday.
It's Wednesday.
Busy week.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yesss! (with a fist pump)

Cathy and I used to talk about how nice it will be when
our babies were old enough to play together.
We dreamed of sitting on the couch,
drinking coffee,
while our kids happily entertained the other.

We got our first glimpse of it the other day!
It's fantastic!


I love how determined Alice is.
Whether it's putting a paper moustache on a frog,
trying to buckle her little stroller,
or putting on her shoes,
she'll work and work and work at it.

Kind of. 
She walked around like this for a little bit.
She was SO proud of herself.

Let it be known that Alice knows how to ask for help.
She often brings her shoes to me and signs "help"
This wasn't one of those "You can do it by yourself/Keep trying" situations.
She was just determined.
Or stubborn?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brace yourself...

...for the lamest 10 on 10 to date!

Finding the beauty in ordinary moments.

Dear Flowers,
Thank you for livening up our home for a couple weeks. 
I'm sorry you're dead.

Dear Alice,
I love that this is the face you made when I asked you to smile.

Dear Gloomy Day,
I love you.

Dear Swim Lessons,
I'm glad you're over.
I will not miss you.

Dear Paint,
I know they say diamonds are a girl's best friend,
but I think they're wrong.
You're the best.

Dear Grass,
Thank you for being so nice on my little girl's feet.

Aaaand, that's it.
Yes, I know there are only 6 pictures. 
I'll try harder next month.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 unrelated things

1. I'm about to throw out some (potential) fightin' words.
I don't understand the fanfare around chevron.
What's chevron?
The new name for zig-zag.
It's all over the home decor world right now.
I'm just not into it,
but it's the hip, cool thing to do. 
Again, I've never really been cool. 
Just had to get that off my chest.

2. Alice spent about 15 minutes trying to put a paper moustache on a stuffed frog.
She's stick it on,
pick up the frog,
it'd fall off.
Repeat at least 20 more times.
I took pictures, but now I can't find them.

3. I had one of those "why haven't I thought of this before?" moments yesterday.
Alice was eating a banana.
She likes when I leave the peel on so her hands don't get slimy.
I get that.
But then the peeled part gets in her way.
So I cut it off.
It's like a little banana handle!

4. My friend, Carey, moved away almost a week ago. 
Stinks big time.
It's not for forever.
Just 3 years.
Still stinks.
I found this picture on my phone:
That's our baby girls.
They're friends.

5. I need some parenting advice.
Alice is a paci girl.
She LOVES that thing.
For awhile now, our paci policy has been
"crib and car"
Now, it's (usually) just the crib.

But, here's what she's started doing:
Just wants to hang out in her crib...
so she can have the pass. 
Yesterday morning she hung in there for 1.5 hrs.
She was supposed to be napping.
Thanks to the video monitor,
I know she wasn't.
She was just quietly playing in her crib.
Then, she stayed in there another 30ish minutes after her PM nap.
Again, happy as can be.
She doesn't have any other attachments,
nursing, blanket, toy, bottle, etc.
She used to be fine when we'd say, "throw your pass in the crib."
She'd quickly take it out and toss it in.
Now, no way.
I usually have to take it.
And she doesn't like it.
Thankfully, I can distract her. 
She doesn't ask for it at other times.

Is it weird that she'd choose to stay in her crib so she can have it?
Should we take it away completely, or is it not a big deal right now?
I cringe when I see 3, 4, 5!, year olds with pacifiers.
Could this be related to teething?
Help me, please!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


That's one angry-sounding sheep!

Pinterest Challenge

I love reading Young House Love,
and Bower Power.
Those two have such awesome home ideas.

So, when they issued a Pinterest Challenge, I listened up.
I love, love, love Pinterest.

Here are some of my Pinterest-inspired home projects:

I remembered this:
...when I threw together make-shift guest room in the basement last Thursday.

Tray as a magnet board?

Easy pillow cases=
Made these on Saturday. Indeed, super easy.

I loved this IKEA fabric,
so I made curtains out of it.

For weeks, I tried to decide what color to paint the door.
And I knew I had to have this rug.
And now look,
they're best friends!

As a former director of a Montessori-influenced preschool,
I love this:
And now I get to bring those ideas into our home for Alice...

(Teeny table and chairs, pictures of her friends, glass vase with a real flower. Love.)

There's not a specific pin,
but I love colorful pops of color in people's homes.
("colorful pops of color"? How's that for being redundant?)
So, I went thrifting for things to put in the awkward space between
the cabinets and ceiling.

A tutorial for making your own vanilla extract-
Currently making:

(That's all the vodka I had. I need to buy more to make more.)

Pinterest has countless ideas for using paint chips.
I had a bunch around, so I did this:
Rubber band + paint chip= easy label. 

Pinned this:
Made this:

this (chalkboard pantry)

plus this (frames for kid art)
plus this (dark trim, white walls)

equals this
I know all the cool people paint their trim white.
I'm slowly painting my espresso.
1. I like espresso.
2. I've never been cool.

That's all for now!