Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 things.

1. I've been to Ikea 4 times since it opened 2.5 weeks ago. 
I might have a problem.

2. Alice has been a dancing fool.

3. My little brother just officially signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
I couldn't be more proud!
(I posted this picture before, but I'm going to do it again.
My blog, my rules.)

4. Alice and I went swimming last week.
Sometimes I eat olives, 
even though I know I don't like them,
just to see if maybe I like them now.
I don't.
Sometimes I go swimming,
even though I know I don't like swimming,
just to see if maybe I like it now.
I don't.
Really, I don't mind being in the water.
I just hate being wet when I get out.
(I feel the same way about showers.)

5. All of this "Back to School" stuff is weird
when you're no longer a teacher
and don't have school-aged kids.
Maybe I'll go out and buy some markers...
just for fun.

PS- I started this post on Monday.
It's Wednesday.
Busy week.

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