Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 unrelated things

1. I'm about to throw out some (potential) fightin' words.
I don't understand the fanfare around chevron.
What's chevron?
The new name for zig-zag.
It's all over the home decor world right now.
I'm just not into it,
but it's the hip, cool thing to do. 
Again, I've never really been cool. 
Just had to get that off my chest.

2. Alice spent about 15 minutes trying to put a paper moustache on a stuffed frog.
She's stick it on,
pick up the frog,
it'd fall off.
Repeat at least 20 more times.
I took pictures, but now I can't find them.

3. I had one of those "why haven't I thought of this before?" moments yesterday.
Alice was eating a banana.
She likes when I leave the peel on so her hands don't get slimy.
I get that.
But then the peeled part gets in her way.
So I cut it off.
It's like a little banana handle!

4. My friend, Carey, moved away almost a week ago. 
Stinks big time.
It's not for forever.
Just 3 years.
Still stinks.
I found this picture on my phone:
That's our baby girls.
They're friends.

5. I need some parenting advice.
Alice is a paci girl.
She LOVES that thing.
For awhile now, our paci policy has been
"crib and car"
Now, it's (usually) just the crib.

But, here's what she's started doing:
Just wants to hang out in her crib...
so she can have the pass. 
Yesterday morning she hung in there for 1.5 hrs.
She was supposed to be napping.
Thanks to the video monitor,
I know she wasn't.
She was just quietly playing in her crib.
Then, she stayed in there another 30ish minutes after her PM nap.
Again, happy as can be.
She doesn't have any other attachments,
nursing, blanket, toy, bottle, etc.
She used to be fine when we'd say, "throw your pass in the crib."
She'd quickly take it out and toss it in.
Now, no way.
I usually have to take it.
And she doesn't like it.
Thankfully, I can distract her. 
She doesn't ask for it at other times.

Is it weird that she'd choose to stay in her crib so she can have it?
Should we take it away completely, or is it not a big deal right now?
I cringe when I see 3, 4, 5!, year olds with pacifiers.
Could this be related to teething?
Help me, please!


Cathy V said...

the pac could totally be teething related. since it's such a comfort for her. I say if she's happy and wants to hang out in her crib to have it, there's nothing wrong with that. we had a natural end to pacis once the top teeth came in because it wasn't comfy anymore

Emily Golding said...
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Emily Golding said...

We have a major bop-aholic at our house. I was going to start breaking her of it, but for my own selfish reasons, I decided she could have it thru when we go on vacation at the beginning of next month : ) This weekend she was the flower girl in my cousin's wedding...she did amazing, but in 95% of the pictures I got, she has her bop was totally her security blanket! And BTW, I think that's adorable that she likes to hang out in her crib to get a little more paci time : )

Rachel said...

3 is my magic number at this time. Bottle and paci. He doesn't require either one, but he won't drink milk otherwise and he steals Sam's paci when he's needing some comfort. I probably underestimate his abilities to adjust due to the delayed speech. In the end, I know he's not going to Kindergarten with either, so if I get to 3 and still feel like he needs it then he can still have it. (I do worry about the teeth thing, though, but he only has the paci at naptime and bedtime and he usually spits it out within 10 minutes of falling asleep.)

Rachel said...

bringing my comment back to your question (oops!): do what makes sense to you. don't stress.

Corrie said...

Elias started doing that with his pacifier too. He has it just for sleeping (and is usually really good about it, but yesterday after nap got so upset when 15min after I went in for him, I took it away so I could get him out of bed. The room was filled with cries of "fier to me". Not sure what we'll do about it. Definitely post if you figure something out!

Kimberlee said...

We got ourselves through a vacation when Talia was 2 and I kept telling her we were going to throw it away. On the day that it was time, she walked right over and threw it in the trash can. (I made sure the day was trash day.) We watched it leave the house and when she would ask, I would say, "Where is it?" and she'd say, "Trash." She missed it at night first...but now she is in love with her blanket. We just traded one thing for another and she's almost 4.

By the way, I don't get chevron either.

lundsincolorado said...

I agree with Cathy- if Alice is comforted by the paci and it enables you to get a few projects done around the house, let her be! Now, if she suddenly wants to spend all day in her crib, mournfully sitting around with the paci in her mouth, we'll have to stage an intervention for her. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. :-)

Katharine said...

I would say don't even worry about taking it until 2 years old. Many babies still have a biological need to suck until then (and maybe a bit after). What you ARE experiencing now is that as they approach 18 months - the remember things. They remembered things before but now its different. Things have more associations and attachments. Its okay. I weaned Lily at 14 months and she never spoke of it again. I weaned Susu at 19 months and she still pats me and talks about milk. I took Lily's paci from her too early and I regretted it. She just sucked on other things and was more miserable. Susannah still has her paci in her bed. . .oh well :)

Blomgrens said...

So, I haven't read the other comments but I'll give you my two cents. First, I love your random thoughts - you crack me up (and so does Alice with her sheep noise!). Anyway, her attachment to the paci isn't a big deal at all at this point! We just stopped giving Norah hers when she turned one and she surprised us by sleeping anyway! I don't think you have to worry about the paci being an issue until at least two (especially since she only has it in her bed). One thought is, maybe she's transitioning to one nap? I think Norah was ready for only one nap before she was 18 months but I just kept the second one as a "quiet time" for a while while we figured out our new routine. Hope this helps in some way, if not, feel encouraged that you are such an awesome mom and caring about little things shows how much you love Alice!

Mama Kat said...

blog stalker...sorry.. :) but I do have 4 kids, so that makes me no expert, so here is my thoughts...
Errr umm? are we not happy that she is spending time in her crib happy as a clam? These are mommy happy moments. My youngest is 3 (ok, she is turning 4 next month, but she is my baby, so she is 3). and she still has her paci. She ONLY gets it in her bed, and even now at 3ish :) she gets to go to her bed have a suck, then come down when she is ready. Sometimes it takes a bit, sometimes it just for a minute. No harm no foul. I guarantee that she wont bring it to the marriage bed, and she wont bring it on sleep-overs in grade school, so no harm no foul, right? (PS my 6 year old was also uber paci baby, and at about 4 1/2 she just stopped needing to go upstairs for it, when their sucking desire goes away, so does the paci).
PPS thanks for letting me give you solicited advice...does this make us friends now so I can blog stalk more often and not feel creepy?

Melissa said...

Thanks, you all, for your advice! I REALLY appreciate it!!

MamaKat, blog stalk all you'd like. :)