Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guest Room!

First, let us look back at what the room once was:

I realize you can't really see the ceiling in those photos.
Can't have that, now can we?

Begin tangent:
That green (and the other 2 "kid-themed" rooms in our house)
is the reason Alice will never have one.
One day she'll come to us,
look sweetly into our eyes,
and beg to have a princess/bug/character/etc. themed room.
She'll want a castle/garden/person painted on her wall.
And we will say no.
When she wants to know why,
we'll explain to her that the family who lived in this house before us
ruined it for her.
And when she says, "But that's not FAIR!"
I'll respond in some Love and Logic-y way like,
"I love you too much to argue."
:End tangent

The room was my Propoint office/craft room for a couple months,
then I woke up at 4am one morning with the idea to switch it.
I got up,
made coffee, 
and moved everything myself.
Desk, table, huge metal shelf, and all.
I don't think Ben is surprised by me anymore.

Then, it was a storage room of sorts.
Last week, I started transforming it to a legit guest room.

4 coats of paint, even the ceiling,
repaired and painted the trim,
new switch plates,
and cleaned the carpet.

Here's the completed project:
(for now)

I wanted to do a lot of white since it's in the basement.

I wanted art above the fireplace,
but didn't want to pay for it...
Took an old picture and made a collage of people we love;
people we hope will come stay with us.
It's not 100% inclusive,
but pretty close. :)

A bowl of items guests may need if they forgot theirs.

I put our electric fireplace in here since it's in the basement.
It gets chilly down there.


Our first guests arrive tomorrow night.
I can't wait!!!!

Anyone else want to come visit Colorado Springs?


Cathy V said...

can i come stay in the guest room? it looks so peaceful. love the fireplace in there. the klenkes are going to love it

Corrie said...

Maybe some removable vinyl decals would do the trick.

Emily Golding said...

Very nice! I always like white for a guest room because it feels luxury hotelish to me : )

katie said...

I want to come stay too!

The Dupras Project said...

I want to visit! Actually after the day I had can I come live there? Looks a lot more peaceful than my house...

Carey said...

So far behind on my blog reading!

Yes, pick me! Pick me! I want to come stay again!!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

um, yes. and i want to sleep in that beautiful bed all. by. myself. no husband. no kids. just. me.
can you tell i am in desperate need of a good night's sleep? =)
miss you, friend.