Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I love reading Young House Love,
and Bower Power.
Those two have such awesome home ideas.

So, when they issued a Pinterest Challenge, I listened up.
I love, love, love Pinterest.

Here are some of my Pinterest-inspired home projects:

I remembered this:
...when I threw together make-shift guest room in the basement last Thursday.

Tray as a magnet board?

Easy pillow cases=
Made these on Saturday. Indeed, super easy.

I loved this IKEA fabric,
so I made curtains out of it.

For weeks, I tried to decide what color to paint the door.
And I knew I had to have this rug.
And now look,
they're best friends!

As a former director of a Montessori-influenced preschool,
I love this:
And now I get to bring those ideas into our home for Alice...

(Teeny table and chairs, pictures of her friends, glass vase with a real flower. Love.)

There's not a specific pin,
but I love colorful pops of color in people's homes.
("colorful pops of color"? How's that for being redundant?)
So, I went thrifting for things to put in the awkward space between
the cabinets and ceiling.

A tutorial for making your own vanilla extract-
Currently making:

(That's all the vodka I had. I need to buy more to make more.)

Pinterest has countless ideas for using paint chips.
I had a bunch around, so I did this:
Rubber band + paint chip= easy label. 

Pinned this:
Made this:

this (chalkboard pantry)

plus this (frames for kid art)
plus this (dark trim, white walls)

equals this
I know all the cool people paint their trim white.
I'm slowly painting my espresso.
1. I like espresso.
2. I've never been cool.

That's all for now!


Nikki said...

WOW! It looks like you've been busy. Great work.

beth said...

Love that RUG!!!!! where did you get it and how much , if you don't mind.
Thank you so much

Melissa said...

Hi Beth, Urban Outfitters online, $34. :)

beth said...

Great! thank you again. I just signed up for your feed. I came from pinterest challenge via YHL.I just read your bio and laughed out loud. You sound just like my daughter. She also is a home birthing, cloth diapering, Jesus loving shm. They also are into very healthy eating as well as raw milk drinking. They moved recently and are missing their farmer.Anyway , I am going to let her know about your blog. Sometimes she feels like the only one and it helps her to know she is not alone. Have a blessed day!

katie said...

Mel, what do you mean that's all for now.... holy moly have you been busy. your house looks awesome!

Take a siesta today, you've earned it!

Ali Rockwell said...

Dang, you really have been busy!

I've been obsessed with that Urban Outfitters rug FOREVER... I'm so jealous that you have it and that your front door is so amazingly cute :) Good job on all of your projects!!!

kendra said...

You're my hero.

Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery said...


The Domestic Fox said...

Wow - you got tons done - loving the front door and rug. And totally digging the colorful pretties going on over the cabinets.
Oh yeah - you are speaking my language - espresso trim - LOVE IT!!! Consider yourself pinned!!! :D

shauna said...

i'm seriously jealous of this post. seriously.
one day, when people stop turning older or getting married and i'm not babying a new business, i hope to explore pinterest!