Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Alice,
You're almost a year-and-a-half already!
How'd that happen?

You are learning so much every day...
identifying things in books,
learning that if you stand in your chairs, they get put away,
signing "car" and "airplane" each time you hear one,
making animal sounds,
following 2 (and sometimes 3) step directions,
saying new words every day!

At the park, you climb up the stairs and go down the slide...
all by yourself!

I don't know how tall you are,
or how much you weigh,
but really, those things aren't important.
I do know that you can now reach things that are on the table.
And you can easily see out our windows.
You're growing!

(Is this a foreshadow of your teenage years?)

You make us laugh ALL the time.
It's so fun to see your little sense of humor developing!

Being your mom is the best job in the whole world!
There is nothing I'd rather do.

Still no teeth.
Every month I Google "x months no teeth"
just to reassure myself that there's nothing to worry about.
At this point, I hope that you're potty trained
before you get teeth.
I think that'd be a fun little Alice fact for you in the future
when you have to play those silly icebreaker games.

You are incredibly loved, baby girl!
I'm so proud to be your mama.


PS- I'm sorry I had your shirt on backwards all morning.
How embarrassing.


lundsincolorado said...

I love her shirt, even backwards. :-) Someone's excited for fall!

Ashley said...

that would be incredibly awesome alice fact, potty trained before teeth. get to work on that, ok? :)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

we love her too!
and i can't believe you went through that whole post without mentioning her awesome hair!!!
did that just happen over night? i mean i know she used to have the bieber hair down, but takes it to a whole new level of cuteness.
love keeping up on you, alice.

Katie K. said...

all the cool kids wear their shirt backwards :)

stinken cute alice! just like her mama :)

Brad & Rachel said...

I love that shirt! I didn't even notice it was backwards, and aren't toddler facial expressions just to die for? =)

meg duerksen said...

oh she is soooo cute!
can't wait to meet you melissa!
one more week!!

btw....does anyone ever call you Mel for short?
i am making name tags and your name is too long! :)
ha ha ha