Monday, September 26, 2011

day twenty-six


Pumpkin muffins!


crystal b. said...

Yum!!!! Good thing I don't live near you, or I would be knocking on your door to nab a few.

crystal b. said...

You know what I think would be fun -- if we have a Craft Weekend reunion, lets make it a Pinterest party weekend! That would be such a blast. Keri, and Kate want to come for sure, are you in? If so, when would be a good time for you? I found a house near me that sleeps 12 and is set up specifically for crafters. It's out in the vineyards. Could be a fun time. :)
Could you do May??

Sad I can't come to your party.
And hilarious that we were both thinking about it. :)

crystal b. said...

K. I am going to hunt and see if I can book us a date, and I will get back to you. So excited. Be looking for something fun we can make. I'll find a craft, Keri will find a craft, and you find one too. Sound good? I'll see if the other 7 women who mentioned they wanted to come can do May. I'll be in touch!!! It will only be the cost of the house, food, and whatever supplies will run us. So if we keep the food simple we might be able to do it for around $260.00

crystal b. said...

No biggie if you don't want to lead, but if you find something you think would be fun to make, let me know and I will lead it. I've been teaching for years. :) It's up to you though.

TheUnSoccerMom said...


I love just about anything pumpkin... and are those blueberries????

I've cut down on my sugar b/c my husband's was way too high at his annual physical. So I'm being supportive and cooking and eating things he should have. sigh... I love my hubby, but I'd cut off my right pinky toe for one of those muffins right about now... ;o)